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Keenly driven by his dedication to fashion an innovative design, Gerardo Valentino de Luca has turned a zestful passion into his profession thereby succeeding in re-inventing himself in a most original way year after year along with every new collection. At the same time, he has never failed to endow every piece with his unmistakable signature, thus remaining faithful to his interpretation of fashion that bespeaks his creative mind.
The inspiration for every new collection correspondingly stems from the manifold expressive forms of reality encountered in everyday life – trends and tendencies the designer grasps intuitionally and which are then reflected by the high-end design that understands how to jocosely play with details.


In this respect, it is above all an unmistakable nonchalance Valentino de Luca stands for himself, paired with an infinite energy that can be felt in his fashionable creations. His zest for life and thirst for action equally drive his work, indisputably two ingredients that step to the fore in the design while simultaneously lending an authenticity to the sophisticated work Gerardo Valentino de Luca stands for with his name.
Many years of travelling to the remotest parts of the world should accordingly inform the life philosophy of the outgoing, open-minded designer, a cosmopolitan attitude that endows all drafts with the distinctive touch while characteristic of Valentino de Luca’s interpretation of fashion: Liberated from any stiff attitude, the individual pieces are thought to feel like a breeze of fun that dresses the individual in a most relaxed airiness.

At the same time it is not only the garment Lucky de Luca is concerned with. On the contrary, fairness within the chain of production is a key concept that determines Valentino de Luca’s vision of fashion. The brand therefore sees to guaranteeing an exclusive collaboration with certified traders in both Turkey and Italy, while thus equally preserving the high quality of the fashionable items.
After nine years of innovative passion and creative dedication to his inventive profession still fervently dedicated to fashion and design, Valentino de Luca eagerly awaits 2019, when Lucky de Luca is celebrating the 10 year anniversary.